May Tip of the Month

May 3rd, 2012



Consider setting up an area near your front door that is exclusively designed to launch you into your day. Try using a basket, shelf and/ or hooks to place your keys, cell phone, wallet, sunglasses, umbrella, brief case, etc. near your front door so that you will have whatever you need before leaving home. (more…)

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ADHD and How I Learned To Take my Foot Out Of My Mouth

May 2nd, 2012

By Leslie Rouder, LCSW

This was a difficult blog post for me to write because it caused me to remember some of those embarrassing moments in which I have put my own foot into my mouth and felt like the woman in this photo.   Whether or not you have ADHD, I am sure we can all look back over a time when we wished we had not blurted something out while at a meeting or social engagement.  But for individuals with ADHD, this problem can create a lot of anxiety and stress around business and social functions.  In addition, the inability to read social cues can sometimes prevent these individuals from receiving promotions at work and social stability in all areas of their lives. The following article addresses this concern and the challenges that go along with it.

Many people with ADHD can relate to a long history of being challenged by the uncontrollable urge to (inappropriately) blurt things out or over explain themselves.  If you are one of these individuals, wondering how you too can learn to take your foot out of your mouth, and develop appropriate social skills, consider the following 3 main reasons why individuals with ADHD often struggle with this problem; (more…)