What I Learned About Procrastination

October 30th, 2012


Last month, I shared my frustration with my ongoing procrastination in getting started on my monthly newsletter.  As a result, I said that I would work on the next newsletter for 30 minutes each day and promised to report back to you on how I did.  In keeping my promise,  I wrote the following article;

Being held accountable REALLY DOES work. I definitely made more of an effort to spend time on the planning and preparation of this month’s Newsletter, due to my need to keep my promise of reporting back to you.  However, I did not spend 30 minutes each day, as originally planned and I made a point of noticing why and how that happened. Here’s what I discovered. I noticed that once I got started it was not a good idea to stop after only 30 minutes due to my ongoing difficulty   transitioning both in and out, while requiring sustained mental effort, planning and forethought.  As many of us know, not exactly an “ADD- user- friendly- activity. ”  However, what I did realize was that there were several tasks that I could easily transition in and out of in 30 minutes on a daily basis that were more appropriate for scheduling in this way.  These tasks were far more automatic and required a lot less organization and thought, such as sorting through the mail on automatic pilot.

So, in conclusion, here’s what I learned about  procrastination and how this might be helpful to some of you;    (more…)


What You Need To Know About Integrative Breathwork and Why You Need to Do It

October 30th, 2012

By Jacquelyn Small,

Founding Director of Eupsychia Institute

Breathwork is an ancient spiritual practice in both Eastern and Western traditions, widely known for its healing and transformative abilities.

This process of deep inner work raises our consciousness beyond society’s mass consciousness, or any programming we may have received.  It is an evocative experiential method that reveals to us our own rich subjective life where our honest truth resides.  We can become more conscious of what ails us, and gain access to the beauty and wisdom of our core Self. We’ve found that this process will take you into whatever dimension of consciousness you need to visit in order to broaden or heal.  This process can enhance any method of therapy people are utilizing and offers an experiential sense of anyone’s form of religion.

This journey inward can heal our self-defeating lifestyles by helping us make them conscious and releasing any pent-up energy collected around our unhealed issues. It has the power to heal our personal past, including early childhood trauma inflicted on us before we had language to process it.  This is because this method accesses and releases “cellular memory” where any suffering that still exists in body/mind may still reside.

Breathwork can also carry us into the expansive collective mind of humanity where universal spiritual awareness can be made known, bringing us a sense of our larger story as a human soul traveling through space-time.  When we can experience that we are “bigger than we look like,” and realize we are here for a divine purpose, a spontaneous healing can occur.  This is the beginning of a stronger spiritual life.

Through the use of music, deep breathing, and symbolic artwork, the deeper strata of the unconscious mind can open and pour out its creative gifts.  The two-hour musical journey (a carefully designed variety of evocative instrumental music and chanting) serves as a projection screen. It provides a way for participants to free associate so that they can recall whatever it is they need to make conscious and clear.  The merging of psychological health and our inner spirituality is the key to living beyond soul loss, emotional pain and addiction.

Eupsychia’s philosophy is that healing ourselves and helping others is all one process. Direct contact with the God-within, acceptance and forgiveness, self-empowerment, and finding one’s soul purpose and true life’s work are the focus of this work.

You will feel so good in this caring community that is created by sharing in this powerful inner healing and awakening.  You’ll be in a group of soul brothers and sisters you will feel you’ve always known.  Our world is starved for this kind of meaningful relating today.  So join us if you can!




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November Tip of the Month

October 30th, 2012

Ever forget where you park your vehicle?  Well, there’s a great APP called “Take Me To My Car”, which is available for your iPhone that will solve this problem.  This APP was developed by a graduate student at Stanford University, who frequently forgot where he parked his car.  It is super easy to use and allows you to save your current parking position with 2 taps and to find your car with only one.  If remembering where you parked your car is a problem, try downloading “Take Me to My Car”.  I’m sure you will love it!

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October Tip of the Month

October 3rd, 2012


Looking for a Fun, Fast, User Friendly  to-do List?  

Check out the app for iPhone named CLEAR !  This is bar none the easiest, most efficient to-do list app I ever seen.  It uses an “all -gesture” interface that allows you to swipe, pinch and pull down on-screen elements, without the use of any cumbersome buttons.   (more…)

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The Biggest Obstacle in Overcoming Procrastination and Achieving One’s Goals

October 3rd, 2012

I recently had a conversation with a friend in which I shared my frustration with being “under the gun” around writing my October Newsletter.  Now, I normally follow my own advice when it comes to procrastination, and I generally stay on top of my work load for the most part, but for some reason, no matter how good my intentions, miraculously, it seems that every month, the entire month “slips by”,  leading to a lot of self imposed pressure to get it done NOW.   Sound familiar?  Well, for many of us, with ADHD,  procrastination is an ongoing dilemma that seems to plague our lives and create a lot of unnecessary stress.  On my friend’s suggestion, I decided to share my  dilemma  with you, in the hope that I will not only find a solution for myself,  but help in better understanding the thought mechanism behind procrastination and how these thoughts influence our ability to achieve our goals.   Therefore, in working on my own goal to get my Newsletter done early each month, I have decided to block out  at least 30 minutes each day to do my writing.  I will let you  know next month,  how successful I am.  Since, I am generally the one holding my clients accountable for starting and completing projects,  you,  can now hold me accountable.  I promise to report back to you next month and let you know how I did on achieving this goal.  In addition, I am dedicating this month’s Newsletter to overcoming procrastination and achieving one’s goals. 

It has long been known that circus elephants have historically been trained to stay tethered to a post by attaching heavy chains to their legs when they are very young so that when they yank or pull at these chains, they are unable to break free.  Within a short amount of time, they give up trying, having learned that it is useless.   From that moment on, they no longer need a heavy chain to hold them because anytime they feel any resistance, no matter how heavy or light the chain, they give up trying, having incorporated the belief that they cannot succeed in breaking free.  This is regardless of the fact that, as they grow into adulthood, they have more than enough strength to pull out any restraint, break any chain and tear up the entire circus tent.  Elephants are pretty smart animals, but learned helplessness and a self limiting belief system creates the exact outcome the trainers want.  The elephants give up trying.  Although individuals with ADHD are not elephants, we  can easily draw the comparison and easily understand  that the biggest obstacle to achieving success, is our own self limiting beliefs.  For anyone,  especially those with ADHD, whose  early life experiences were most likely fraught with frustration, disappointment, and perhaps failure, one can see how easy it would be to create multitudes of distortions around what is true and possible,  while creating many self  limiting beliefs.  Therefore, breaking free from these negative beliefs, is probably the single most important step in reaching one’s goals and achieving success in life.  This article explores these self defeating thought patterns and provides insight into ways to change them. (more…)

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