Looking for a Fun, Fast, User Friendly  to-do List?  

Check out the app for iPhone named CLEAR !  This is bar none the easiest, most efficient to-do list app I ever seen.  It uses an “all -gesture” interface that allows you to swipe, pinch and pull down on-screen elements, without the use of any cumbersome buttons.  In addition, as you finish your tasks on the list, you just swipe them away and go on to the next.  Now, as many of you know,  I always recommend that you only put 3 items at a time on your to-do list, but this app is so efficient at organizing your items that the more urgent the item,  the hotter the color appears on the screen.  Therefore, as you wipe your finished tasks off of the screen,  you can see the next tasks in order of importance in a beautiful color display.   This APP is so user friendly that it actually makes organizing your to-do list fun.  It even forces you to simplify your items by limiting them to just 30 characters.   At a whopping 99 cents, this may be the best investment you have ever made.