Having problems getting a good night’s sleep? 

There’s a great App that’s available for iphone (and across the Apple IOS) that provides individuals a great tool to monitor and otpimize their sleep patterns by the name Lark.  You can find it at Lark.com or at the Apple Store web site.  

Apparently this Lark works with a sensor that allows you to wirelessly connect to a Blue tooth that is worn while sleeping in a comfortable wristband.  The program not only monitors your sleep cycles, it also coaches you on how you can sleep better.   You can set it to wake you up with a gentle vibration that nudges you out of your sleep and also can determine the best time to wake you within the timeframe you indicate, based on where you are in your sleep cycle.  Thus providing you a more restorative sleep which, hopefully allows you to wake up less groggy.